The Monastic Assembly Project


A. The monastic project

In the context of postmodern secularization, more and more people choose to spend their free time in monastic oases. They seek deeper meaning to their existence through a healing and renewing relationship with the Creator and the Creation, following periods of retreat, prayer, reflection, study, and participation in the Holy Sacraments of the Church. In particular the monastery desires to promote Christian dialog in view of full Christian Unity. In the monk they find a guide and a spiritual master.


The project presented here springs from a desire that the Holy Trinity monastery becomes such a spiritual oasis, where people thirsty for eternity may come with confidence and its monks may fulfill the vocation to which they have been called: transforming their life in accordance to Christ’s crucified and resurrected Image, as well as offering their assistance to those that are searching for a profound sense of life.

Therefore, these are the goals of this project:

  1. Creating an oasis of silence and meditation;

  2. Setting up an environment that favors the ecumenical dialog;

  3. A place for retreats and spiritual guidance.

B. Actual description of construction development

Until now, a single floor wooden building has been raised. It is divided in two parts: the chapel area (including a table for the preparation of the gifts and the sacristy) and the dwelling area (four cells and a bathroom, as well as an eat-in kitchen). Successively, the property was fenced, and a belfry supporting four bells, also housing below the central heating for the wooden building, was built adjacent to the building. Later, a well was dug, and the septic tank and electrical installations were completed. A gravel road for access to the chapel and a tented area with a sound system that extends the chapel for those attending liturgical services has also been completed. A tool shed, two outhouses and firewood shed complete this first phase of development.

Also in the summer of 2013 we have started the construction of the Monastic building, more details you can find below at paragraph E. and F.

DSC02781_x800Existing Wooden House (comprising Chapel, 4 cells, kitchen, bathroom) and a Belfry

C. Acquisition of the Land

On February 8 2010 the monastery purchased a piece of land covering 33.200 m2, making it now a total of 42.736 m2 of land, offering us the possibility of achieving in the course of time all the constructions that are detailed below.

Google Map CMPT Yellow Square-crop_x950_x950

D. The buildings that are going to be built in the future

The entire assembly will adopt traditional architectural principles specific to the Byzantine tradition, ensuring order and silence, essential to the monastic life. In this perspective the community has in view the following:

  1. The construction of two adjacent precincts, one designed for the monastery itself (monastic precinct) and the second designed as a pilgrim‘s facility (pilgrims’ precinct). *

  2. The construction of the church, in the central area of the monastic complex. *

  3. Development of hermitage in the forested area, intended to serve the spiritual retreat and meditation, as well as an agricultural area.

  4. Separate, phased construction of precincts, subject to the necessity and of the availability of funds.

    ENG_fatada ansamblu_1_b_x800

E. The next step towards carrying out the investment

Considering that young men periodically are coming to the monastery to discern a possible call to the consecrated life, it is now an urgent necessity to build an area for the monastic community, leaving the actual wooden building for the use of possible novices.

Concerning the construction of the monastic building No. 1 where the monks will actually live (12 cells covering an area of 11 sq m.) includes: 3 workshops, the refectory, a kitchen and a dining hall for the lay people. In the center axis of the building there will be the chapel situated on the first floor. On the northern side there will be a building attached to the main structure that comprises: at the ground floor the abbey and an office and at the first floor lodging for the hierarchy. The bathroom area will contain two bathrooms for the monks and one for public use, and each cell will have a hand basin.

Because of the considerable financial effort, the building will be achieved in two sections.

ENG_fatada cmi e1 b_x800

In this first section our desire is to build the monastic complex which comprises six cells for the monks on both sides that surround the chapel. The first floor will embrace the refectory room, a work shop and a kitchen and a small dining hall for the lay people. Two bathrooms with full facilities, cloak room with a bathroom for the kitchen, and a bathroom for the lay people.

F. Actual construction stage

With the help of the Divine Providence and through the generous help of our benefactors we managed to start the construction site for the Monastic Building – first phase – on the 29th of April 2013. Until the spring of this year (2015) we managed to build the foundations, the ground floor and the first floor (comprising a construction area of 1085.64 sq m). Work in progress is taking place to finish the roof. In order to get the building functional and move in and receive vocations and pilgrims still many things have to be done, the most urgent being the electrical and sanitary installations. After the installations are done we can move on to the phase of plastering, painting, mounting windows, doors, ceramic tile, wooden floors and furniture.

Dear friends and benefactors, we would like to call upon your generosity, inviting you to be a part of this project. It is a project that began long ago and that today with the help of God’s grace, it has begun to materialize. We believe although, that only through the help of Divine Providence can we continue to progress in the project, so your help is priceless.. You can contribute either to achieve a stage through financial support or to purchase some building materials, or you can work effectively with us – in any case, we know that the grace of such a project will be on us all, and we to offer spiritual and cultural life together hearts, minds and our resources. No amount is too small for such a project that we truly believe in.

You may want to contribute to one of its stages of realization, through financial support, weather it be the acquisition of construction material, or maybe simply to work alongside us – in any case, we know that the blessing of such a project will pour upon all those near and far, giving us the privilege to contribute together through our offering to the enriching of the spiritual and cultural life in these times of great changes.

Contact Person: father Anastasie Duma – monk 

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