Most Holy Trinity IconWhat brings people to journey often many miles and step foot inside the walls of a monastery dating back from ancient times or of new? In its solitary surroundings in which it lies: lost in a vastness of forest woods, on the heights of steep cliffs, on lonely islands, under the scorching sun of an endless desert or on the off skirts far away from the disturbance of a restless City?

Can it be for its beautiful natural landscapes that man seeks nostalgically as a paradise once known and now lost…?

Or is it for its architectural artistic mastery that speaks of its integrity, its authenticity, its stability and firmness that gives us a sense of security and belonging?

Or is it for its enchanting voices, timeless vigils that begin in the mist of the night and continue in the rise of the day, within the stillness of burning candles and incense that reflect the inner beauty of the icons – all in an endless circle that speaks of the greatness beyond what one can conceive?

Or perhaps what may draw us is the simplicity and humble joyousness of the monk that spends his day between work and prayer in a mysterious silence that instead of separateness calls gently in the heart of a living communion?

Or is it more likely the silent presence of a deep moving love that springs forth from the heart of God and spreads as light into darkness that forgives, heals and purifies, through the church’s prayers and sacraments that cries out to man’s deepest longings: To see God, to no Him and to serve Him.

As a humble seed that has been sown in good soil our monastery desires to become such a spiritual oasis for all that are seeking spiritual enlightenment and a deeper sense to the miracle of our existence.

Brothers of the Monastic Community of Most Holy Trinity